You put a lot of effort already to create a marketing plan, implement a social media plan, and configure your social media profiles. What is more, you prepared your posts. You have even set up a sales funnel with membership options. More, you signed to HARO Report and made your first Press Release.

Now it is time to create a marketing schedule for your business and perform marketing actions regularly. Besides the fact that you have created a product now, you need to keep it going.

Remember that you are building your authority. You can achieve it when people trust you, like you and know you. Therefore it is crucial to remind always your audience that you are here to solve their problems.

As your motivation might come and go, it is a rule of thumb to place all your actions into the schedule. Follow a schedule so your activities are not going to be random. Hence you will be able to measure your goals and adjust the tactics.

Marketing Calendar Elements

Your marketing calendar, in its simplest form, should contain a year split into weeks. You should be able to set your target goal for each week and write down the actual results.

Your calendar should enable you to take notes on your planned actions in the following areas:

  1. National Marketing – these are all the actions related to making your offer visible on Banner Ads, Vehicles, Buildings
  2. Local Marketing – it represents your presence in newspapers or inside your store
  3. Public Relations – into this category we have Press Releases, Sponsorship and Events
  4. Social Media – This is your activity in social media like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram or any other relevant to your business
  5. Online activities – here you include blogging, running your website and posts, or introducing a mobile app
  6. Advertising – we mean paid ads on different channels. It can be online, in print form, radio, or television.
  7. Market Research – it represents your actions to research your business niche. Time spent on surveys, analytics, spying your competitors belongs to this category.

Fill The Template

To make your life easier, I have prepared a marketing calendar template for you.

Fill it with the events and activities you are planning to execute in the nearest future. It is an excellent approach to have it planned at least for a quarter.

P.S. A short summary below for those who start reading articles from here.

  • You have learned what a marketing calendar is and how important it is to have all the marketing actions written down.
  • You are familiar with the attached template, and you filled it at least for the nearest quarter.
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