Social Media Profiles Are Important For Your Business

We have talked about being available in different media channels. You know how important it is to be in the channels your target audience is.

Think about it. If your ideal buyer persona is spending 90% time on LinkedIn and Facebook rather than on Tik-Tok, there is no sense in putting all the effort into Tik-Tok. On the other hand, if you are reaching out to the young generation, you should consider being on Instagram or Tik-Tok.

No matter the media channel you choose, your profile should be consistent in terms of branding. The message itself can be adjusted, but your brand identification must be clear to your final users. 

Therefore, please keep the following elements of your profile in-line:

  1. A Business Profile Photo
  2. Your Bio description and About Us
  3. Your Logos and Colors

Complete the profiles across the platforms before you run your ad campaigns and reaching out to people. 

What is more, you should consider in your marketing plan the content you will be posting. You should plan the schedule of your posts. It should appear on different channels simultaneously, so your audience can learn more about your activity in a way convenient for them. 

One likes reading posts on Instagram, ones like IGTV and YouTube. Otherwise, someone might prefer podcasts from your website. 

Keeping information available in different forms not only helps your business to have greater reach but also has a significant influence on your SEO – searching engines love if the information is available in many forms.

Updating your social media profiles

Type in google: “How to update a profile + platform name“. Below I have presented ready to use examples.

Your Task

Today, I would like you to write down social media platforms on which you want to promote your business. 

Next, write a proper bio and description, upload logos and branding colors. 

Plan your first posts. Posting does not have to take a lot of time – choose a simple form like a picture and short description or pick a live TV. 

When you are using, and you have installed Yoast SEO plugin, you can publish your article on your website, and simultaneously you can post it on Facebook and Twitter. 

Avoid automated posting on Instagram – somehow, this application has very restricted policies on using third parties to publish content – you can get a ban or have your account removed.

P.S. Please find a summary of this article

  • You have learned that having a consistent social media profile across different platforms helps to increase your reach
  • You know that a consistent social media profile builds your brand
  • Posting can have various forms: articles, videos, podcasts, infographics. You can automate it to some extent.