It takes determination to bid against 1.3 billion people

Why to earn money from your phone is worth considering?

I have many friends living in India, and you know what? Having over 1.3 billion people surrounding you, it takes courage and determination to differentiate yourself.

What is more, the way you will stand-out determines your success. Before you do it, you will struggle a lot. What is more, you need to feed yourself and your family as well.

There is no wonder that people are looking for more and more sources of income. The percentage of adults in India involved in starting a business has grown to the highest in almost three years.

Having that said, we are getting a dynamic and deep market, where demand meets supply.

Let people earn money

One of the niches that grow is “mobile apps to earn money.” As an owner of such an app, you can make good money. As a user, not necessarily, but you can get a little extra money to repair your daily budget.

I have done the research, and I will briefly present 9 Best Apps To Make Money From Your Phone.

Userfeel – Get Paid For Testing

URL: Userfeel

Userfeel is the usability testing tool that gives you videos of real users speaking their thoughts as they use your website or app. Userfeel was designed and developed by Usability Researchers for Usability Researchers, newcomers to UX Research and anyone who wants to optimize their website or app.

Userfeels application represents one of the most transparent business models and might be a good way to earn money from your phone. It is easy to use, and you might have an opportunity to test solutions developed for international brands.

Google Play Store Rate: Not applicable.

Foap – Selling Photos For Cash

URL: Foap App

The idea is simple – you get paid for your photos. 

According to the company there are many features that help you earn money out of it.

  • You can sell your photos through Foap Market at
  • Through so-called Foap Missions you can sell your photos to top brands
  • Foap also distributes your content through partners, such as Getty Images, to help you sell even more of your photos!
  • You are allowed to create your own web portfolio for buyers to see your photos
  • You can get feedback on your photos from other Foapers
  • Foap gives you Unlimited upload of photos straight from your phone 
  • Cashout your money thanks to PayPal integration

What is more, foap is free! and every time you sell a photo you get 50% of the commission. Every mission is rewarded with a prize starting with $50.

Google Play Store Rate: 3.4

Meesho – Reselling Products

URL: Meesho

Meesho advertises itself: “Start your own business without loans or personal savings. Add extra income to your family wallet with ease and get the flexibility of working from home and spending time with your family”.

The business model is simple:

  1. Download the app and fill all the necessary fields.
  2. Choose products you want to sell
  3. Share your message to friends on WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram
  4. In case you get attention and questions like: “Where did you buy it? This jacket is great”, you send to that person a link (let’s call it “an affiliate link” where you define your price (base price + margin)).
  5. Once that person clicks and buys, the rest is on the supplier. You are a middleman, and you get paid the margin you defined.

Google Play Store Rate: 4.4

cashKarma – Gift Cards

URL: cashKarma

One of the most high ranking application which may be a good alternative to support you when you want to earn money from your phone.

Earn rewards by completing surveys, and more. The app that lets you earn rewards even if you don’t qualify for the survey. Later on, you can redeem your points for PayPal cash and gift cards. Gift card codes are loaded right on your device.

Google Play Store Rate: 4.4

Google Opinion Rewards – Paid Surveys

URL: Google Opinion Rewards

Google Opinion Rewards is a rewards-based program developed by Google. It was initially launched as a mobile survey app for Android and iOS developed by Google. The app allows users to answer surveys and earn rewards.

Google Play Store Rate: 4.3

TagMango – Earning on Social Media

URL: TagMango

The idea is based on the concept of nano-influencer, where you get paid to promote certain brands and products. The current requirements are not so high – you need to have a minimum of 500 legit followers, and you can start to execute your dream of becoming an influencer.

Google Play Store Rate: Not applicable

9 Best Apps In India You Can Earn Money On – Google Play Store Score

RozDhan – News and Games

URL: RozDhan

Roz Dhan is one of the Best Earning Application that lets you earn cash on the go with whooping 10M+ Downloads on Playstore. 

What’s inside?

  • Super Sign-Up: You will get Rs 50 as a sign-up bonus
  • Refer & Earn- Refer your family & friends Roz dhan and get Rs 50 instantly. You can get Paytm cash whenever someone you refer installs Roz Dhan
  • Daily Check In’s: Earn up to 1000 coins in Daily Check-In’s and turn them into Paytm cash too
  • Anytime & Anywhere: Roz Dhan users, who rank on top of the list, earn up to Rs 40,000 Paytm Cash
  • No Conditions Applied: Application provides facility to earn from wherever you are and at whatever time you want to across India
  • Online & Reachable 24×7: whenever you need some cash on the go, complete easy tasks and get rewarded with free money!
  • Share & Win: If you don’t like reading, it is enough to share the articles with your friends and family and earn on it.

Google Play Store Rate: 4.0

Frapp – Earn money with tasks and internships

URL: Frapp

The whole concept is about executing so-called “Missions”. Missions are microjobs. Find and apply for Missions from top companies around India and complete simple tasks on your phone, at your home or in your locality to get rewarded! 

  • Taskers can earn cash, rewards are certificates on completing Missions.
  • Missions are like mini-internships that you can complete easily and enjoy doing!
  • Look for interesting Missions from leading companies and gain valuable experience and learnings. You can also earn internship certificates on Frapp!
  • Find all kinds of internships, gigs, microjobs, and Missions that suit your requirement and work at your own time and convenience. You don’t need special skills or even a resume.

The top companies of India are hiring Taskers via Frapp. Over 1 Million students and young people of India have joined Frapp and participated in internships and Missions from 3000+ companies.

As a student you probably need money and what is more you are looking for ways to get closer to your potential employers.

Google Play Store Rate: 4.0

Loco – Play Games and Earn Money

URL: Loco

If you have tons of time, jump here. The idea is that you watch live streaming of best upcoming gamers play top games, follow the top gamers and engage with them. At the end of the day, you participate in live quizzes every day and win prizes.

Google Play Store Rate: 3.9

The Conclusion

It is tempting to earn money from your phone. If you are in need and in a rush and you have no time to set up a company, find customers and do the paperwork, then these applications are good to go. However, remember that you will not become a millionaire just by using these apps.

You will become a millionaire by creating such apps and promoting them to the vast audience and if you wonder how to start a company check out my post How To Start A Business In 30 Days

Leave your comment if you have more apps in your mind. I will include them in the next round-up.